Updated ! Android phone hanging proble m issue solved .

Android phone hanging soluction

Learn the guidelines for finding phone hanging downside. we have a tendency to square measure explaining the explanations that cause screen freeze. we are going to conjointly counsel a couple of solutions that you simply will attempt to get eliminate phone hanging problems.

Now before the remedy we would have to know the cause  why does my phone hang or screen freeze ?

Phone hanging refers to the state once a mobile can stop responding to the commands of user. it's conjointly known as phone crash and is characterised by screen freeze. When hung, regardless of what you are doing, your phone can refuse to try and do something.  Mainly this happens when people dont take proper care of their device . Now people have loads of unnecessary apps which makes their device slower screen freeze .

Now lets see the remedies or how can we solve android phone hanging  problem 

 Occasional phone hanging mustn't be a reason behind worry, however if it happens typically, then you must attempt the ideas given below.

1) first Delete reserve Apps
You can additionally flick through the list of the apps put in in your phone. you would possibly spot a number of apps that you simply had put in once upon a time however you now not need them. Uninstall such apps directly. They keep idle in your phone and waste the all necessary memory house. 

2) Delete the unnecessary information (like photos, videos, songs)
If you have got keep pictures, videos and songs within the internal memory; you’re extremely impeding the inner memory house which may o.k. become the reason for your phone hanging all the time. Go ahead, take a glance the least bit the photographs, videos and songs and delete those that you simply now not want. as an alternative, 1st you'll take backup of this information in your laptop so delete it from your phone. Photos, videos and audio take up most of the house the phone of a mean smartphone user. And it's one amongst the common reasons why your phone hangs.

3) Install Apps in External Memory (SD Card)
Most of the movable users install all kinds of apps in their phones. once putting in the apps, they don’t pay abundant attention to wherever the app goes to be put in and what impact it will wear the performance of the phone. In most cases, by default, the apps get put in within the internal memory of the phone. This leaves lesser house for the running the apps which successively causes clogged memory. If your phone hangs, it's wise to put in apps within the external memory (i.e. Sd card Card) of the phone. sometimes the external memory is larger than the interior memory. And external memory also can be simply expanded if needed (instead of two GB card, simply insert associate eight GB card!). Therefore, in external memory additional apps is simply put in while not obstructive the interior memory of the phone. this may save your phone from hanging.
For this you can set the default write disk. Go to Settings > Storage > Default write disk > Select SD Card. Please note that this setting is available in slightly different location in different mobile handsets. So, you may have to do a bit of look around.

4)Identify Resource Hogging Apps
Some of the apps use rather more memory than alternative apps. Game apps (like Angry Birds) area unit among the highest memory swilling apps. you'll be able to check what proportion memory every of your apps area unit victimisation. For this head to Settings > Apps (or Memory) > Running Apps. Here you'll be ready to see that app is victimisation precisely what proportion memory.

5)Keep All the Apps Updated
Keep visiting the app stores like Google Play (if you've got Android phone) and iTunes App Store (if you’ve an iPhone). Mobile app developers keep it up improving performance of their apps. Therefore it's highly recommended that you simply regularly update all the apps as and when a far better version is out there . Latest versions of apps could also be designed to use lesser memory and CPU power.

These were a number of the ideas that you simply can use to unravel you phone hang problem. We understand that if your phone hangs very often , it becomes really irritating. Do try the above tips and also share your experience with us through the comments section given below. Please allow us to know what works for you and what not —so that other readers of Khojhere problem are often solved .  


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